Saturday June 10, 2017          

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Registration Fee: $179.00           

or more information, contact:  Kelly Crockett at 757-472-4722 or


Barbara Beach at 518-605-4607 or  


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Awaken Your Passion—Empower Your Dreams

Discover the ability of horses to show us our inner wisdom, power, and passion in order to bring our life dreams into reality.

Join facilitators Kelly Crockett and Barbara Beach for this day of celebrating and exploring the connection between the divine feminine and the spirit of the horse.

Equine facilitated learning is not riding. It is, instead, working intimately with horses to help us discover those places where we as woman, are surrendering our power and giving in and giving up on ourselves. It's normal at certain times of life to feel stuck or confused about "what's next." It isn't normal or healthy to stay in that place. 

Horses tend to mirror back to us the ways in which we are losing or not owning our power. This day-long program at Timberline Ranch will introduce participants to equine facilitated learning and help each individual make unique discoveries about themselves.

Previous experience with horses not necessary.