Windhorse Youth Program


Making a difference in the lives of youth with challenges from Hertford County, North Carolina

Most parents would admit that growing up today is fraught with challenges and complexities that we never faced. Most youth make a successful transition to adult life, but a staggering number (1 out of  every 8 youth) are struggling profoundly or not making it at all.

For the past five years, Kelly Crockett has been providing an opportunity for youth with a variety of life challenges to work with horses: learning to care for, train, and ride them through a program called the Equine Youth Challenge sponsored by the non-profit Together We Can Foundation.

Personal experience and testimonials from parents, social workers, and youth themselves suggest that working with horses builds self-confidence, enhances communication skills and problem-solving, and increases empathy and personal responsibility. 

Since relocating to the town of Ahoskie, NC, Kelly counties to serve youth who travel from southeastern Virginia under the auspices of the Equine Youth Challenge Program but is now also offering to work with Hertford County youth under a separately funded initiative called the Windhorse Youth Program. These are small group sessions for youth with a variety of life challenges, including foster care youth, and youth with developmental or academic challenges.

The Windhorse Youth Program is a private program and tuition is covered by a private donor This is not therapy or a substitute for therapy, but may supplement therapeutic care.

If you are a parent, social worker, therapist or teacher who knows a youth that might benefit from being part of the Windhorse Youth Program Program, contact Kelly at 757-472-4722 or using the contact form below.