Corolla Spanish Mustangs

As mentioned previously, another path into North America for Spanish horses were shipwrecks along the East coast of North America. These eastern Spanish Mustangs lived in wild herds on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and on some of the barrier islands off the coast of South Carolina and Georgia. Today some of these herds have been interbred with later modern horses, but some still survive in isolated, but endangered bands like the Corolla and Shackleford.

I was fortunate to be able to take in a Corolla who needed a good home and now Phoenix is part of our herd. Though a gelding, he has paired off with Motita and, at least in his mind, they are inseparable.

Phoenix came to us with a taste for beer.

Rosie the Donkey was another sweetheart looking for a home. She is besties with Birdy now and is a well integrated part of the herd.

Rosie the Donkey

Rosie the Donkey