Kelly is a life-long horsewoman with a passion for helping youth and adults ride and relate to horses.


Kelly Leigh Crockett

Kelly has a gift for helping people deepen their relationship to horses and refine riding skills. She also has real insight into helping those who have developed a fear of horses or riding overcome that fear and return to a balanced relationship. She is a proponent of Natural Horsemanship and is active in the Colonial Spanish Mustang community. She is engaged in the process of preserving and rebuilding the Baca strain of Colonial Spanish Mustangs and working with other strains of Mustangs which are ideal for human/horse relational work.

In addition to studying natural horsemanship and riding, she has studied with shamans and indigenous healers from around the world and has worked as a storyteller for at-risk youth. For four years, she served as the Youth Program Director, and riding instructor at Mill Swamp Indian Horses in Smithfield, Virginia. She has also spent five years creating and running the Equine Youth Challenge Program, teaching riding, training, and horse care to at-risk youth from across Hampton Roads. She is the recipient of the Carol Stone Memorial Award as the American Indian Horse Registry Member of the Year for her work preserving Spanish Mustangs. She is the editor of the Horse of the Americas (H.O.A.) Registry Newsletter and has taken riding students to compete in the Horse of the Americas and American Indian Horse registries national competition in Marshall, Texas.

Kelly is mother to three amazing children, Holly, Kasey, and Dylan and is married to photographer, author, and non-profit executive director, Tom Crockett.

Kelly has a real gift for reading the relationship between a horse and a young rider and offering just the right bit of guidance to bring them into alignment.
— Tom Norush, President, H.O.A. Registry

Tom Norush

Getting used to a new horse.

Learning about horses and hoof care is an important part of building that relationship with a horse.

Effective groundwork is a critical part of equine relationship building.

Riding is relationship and good relationships are built slowly with trust over time.

Riding is relationship and good relationships are built slowly with trust over time.

The goal is a relaxed rider and a responsive horse.