Windhorse Path Girl Scout Programs at Shimmeryn Woods in Ahoskie, NC

As a Community Partner with the Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast, Windhorse Path offers individual Girl Scouts and Girl Scout Troops an opportunity to be exposed to horses and earn both their Girl Scout Juniors Horseback Riding Girl's Choice Badge and Windhorse Path Explore Patch: Rare Horse Breed Conservancy through the Colonial Spanish Mustang.

For Girl Scouts who already have an interest in horses and riding, Windhorse Path is a great way to expand knowledge, refine skills, and deepen a relationship to horses.

Girl Scouts can earn their Horseback Riding Badge and/or the Windhorse Path Colonial Spanish Horse Preservation Patch in 3 ways:

  1. Schedule a Girl Scout Troop visit to Shimmeryn Woods Sanctuary in Ahoskie, NC;

  2. Schedule a Private Session;

  3. Attend a Summer Camp or Riding Intensive.

Girl Scout visit.

Girl Scout visit.

Madison earning her Girl Scout Badge.

Madison earning her Girl Scout Badge.

Girl Scouts plus horses equal fun.

Girl Scouts plus horses equal fun.

Girl Scout Badge Horseback Riding.jpeg

HorseBack Riding Girl's CHoice Badge

Designed to align with the Junior Girl Scout's Horseback Riding Badge handbook, this 4-hour program will meet and address these steps:

  1. Know the basics of horseback riding

  2. Take care of a horse and learn about safety

  3. Prepare for your ride

  4. Practice your ride

  5. Go for a ride

Girls will learn about kinds of riding, tack, and the gear that is essential to each kind of riding. They will learn appropriate horse safety—how to approach, groom, and care for a horse in ways that are healthy for the horse and safe for the rider. Because our horses are pasture boarded we don't spend much time with stable cleaning and focus more on interactions with horses.

We will touch on general horse anatomy and the basics of horse/human body language. Girls will learn how to lead a horse, halter and tie it and how to tack up a horse for a ride.

Girls will have an opportunity to mount, ride, and dismount a horse in a safe and controlled setting based on their level of expertise and their level of comfort. Time and expertise permitting, girls will go on a short ride. We will touch on ring and riding safety and prepare each girl to not only earn her badge but also go on with additional riding lessons if she desires.

The cost for the program to earn this patch is $50.00 per Scout.

Girls will receive their badge upon completion.

Explore Patch flatx.jpg

Explore Patch: Rare Breed Conservancy Colonial Spanish Mustangs 

This Explore Patch will introduce Scouts to rare breed conservancy by introducing them to 3 different strains of the endangered Colonial Spanish Mustang: The Corolla, the Baca, and the East/West Cross and we will discuss other strains.

There is a living history component explaining where the Colonial Spanish Horse, America’s first horse, came from and where they are today. There is a component explaining their particular challenges and why they are considered endangered. There is a component comparing the conformation or body type of the modern horse and the Colonial Spanish Horse and what the differences are between breeds. There is a component teaching how a Scout may choose to help these horses if they should choose to do so.

Each Scout will have the opportunity to groom and do some basic groundwork with a Colonial Spanish Horse.  

The program lasts approximately 2 hours depending on the number of Scouts participating.  

The cost for the program to earn this patch is $35.00 per Scout (please note that this program does not include riding).

Girls will receive their patch upon completion.