An Interdisciplinary Equine-Based Home School Program

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FOr Youth WHo LOve Horses

Youth learn best when you find something they love (in this case, horses) and then design a coherent and consistent curriculum blending critical academic disciplines with critical life-skills. Our program blends physical education (horseback riding, groundwork, and conditioning for riding) with curricular modules in math, science, social studies, literature and creative writing, and art. In addition we focus on life-skills and character development using the Life-Work Portfolio process designed by Tom Crockett and the Together We Can Foundation’s Smart Transitions Program.

the well-rounded youth: 

Taught over the year with each class-day divided up into physical interaction with horses (feeding, grooming, groundwork, and riding practice) and units of interdisciplinary study in the climate controlled tack room/classroom for instruction, discussion, films, and projects.
•   Ride Science: Riding Healthy Horses
•   Biology of Horses: From the Inside Out (anatomy & physiology)
•   Environmental Science: Horses and Ecosystems
•   Genetics: Horse Breeding
•   Horticulture: Gardening and Pasture Management
•   Horse Math: Measuring, Recording, & Statistics
•   The Economics of Horse Ownership
•   Famous Horses in History
•   Art History and the Image of the Horse
•   Horses in Literature, Myth, and Folktale
•   Horses in Film
•   My Horse Tale: Personal Creative Writing
Physical Education
•   Horseback Riding
•   Physical Conditioning for Better Riding
•   Groundwork
Social Studies
•   Psychology/Sociology: Herd Dynamics
•   Geography: Horses around the World (types and conformation)
•   Human Geography: Cultures and Traditions of the Horse
•   Anthropology: Horses, Humans, and Domestication
•   Drawing and Painting Horses
•   Sculpting Horses
•   Photographing Horses
Life-Work Skills
•   Career Alignment and Exploration through the LIFE-WORK                         Portfolio Process (with an Exploration of Equine Careers)
•   Development of a Personal Presentation Portfolio and Skills
•   Interviewing and Public Speaking Practice
•   First Aid and Safety

While the curriculum modules above are important, perhaps the most important aspect of the Windhorse Path Equine-Based Home School Program is the way it nurtures strong resilient young people. Training and relating to horses on a regular basis develops compassion, problem-solving, and communication skills, while building leadership skills and

Climate-controlled tack room, classroom, and restroom at Timberline Ranch, LLC.

Climate-controlled tack room, classroom, and restroom at Timberline Ranch, LLC.


The Facility: 

Windhorse Path is a program hosted at Windhorsee Ranch, LLC, in Ahoskie, North Carolina. This beautiful private property features multiple pastures, small corrals, and barn. Safety is always a priority at Windhorse Ranch. Youth have access to 8 pasture boarded horses (all a mix of rare Colonial Spanish Mustangs). Pasture boarding means youth spend more time in direct contact with horses and less time engaged in barn and ranch maintenance.

The Staff:

Kelly Crockett is an experienced horse woman and riding instructor as well as being a storyteller, instructor, and youth program leader who has worked for school systems and youth programs across Virginia. Tom Crockett is former teacher with Norfolk Public Schools and the leader of an arts-based, after-school mentoring program in Norfolk. He spent 15 years as a curriculum development specialist for national education programs and is currently the Executive Director of the Together We Can Foundation. Guest instructors round out the program. All staff have completed criminal and human services background checks and are certified in emergency medicine and first aid and CPR.


This curriculum is designed to be interesting and accessible to middle-school students. Our class size is small so youth get individual attention. Youth should be able to participate in activities and not present a safety risk or significant learning distraction to others. Within certain parameters we are able to accept and have had success working with youth with learning challenges.


Contact us for information. 

The Cost:

 $200 per youth, per month over 9 months. This is a year-long program, as opposed to drop-in sessions. Tuition includes course notebook, course readings and materials, Life-Work Portfolio, and art supplies. We have a family discount rate of $150 per youth, per month for each additional youth from the same family. We also offer home-school co-ops a discount for  youth from the same co-op as well as curriculum customization to meet specific needs. For more information, contact Kelly Crockett at 757-472-4722 or

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