Colonial Spanish Mustang: The Forgotten Horses

A Film by Krysta Rutherford


A Young woman's quest to meet the people who are preserving, protecting, and promoting the Colonial SPanish Mustang.

Several years ago, I had the good fortune to meet Krysta Rutherford, a young horse woman with a passion for Colonial Spanish Mustangs. She had adopted a Corolla Mustang and my husband, Tom did some portraits of her and her horse. One thing led to another and I ended up being her advisor for her Girl Scout Silver Award. She took on a project to promote Colonial Spanish Mustangs by way of public demonstrations and producing a brochure that has now been widely disseminated. For her Girls Scout Gold Award, she chose an even more ambitious project: to create a film from interviews with people who are passionate about preserving these horses and she asked me too be her advisor for the project.

The film is now complete and has had it's Smithfield premiere as well as being shown at the Livestock Conservancy Conference in Williamsburg. It is currently being entered in equine film festivals.

This was a true labor of love for Krysta and her supportive family. She traveled from extensively to film her interviews that include such Colonial Spanish Mustang luminaries as Tom Norush, Vickie Ives, Phil Sponenberg, Steve Edwards, Mary McConnell, Sharon Sluss, Richard Blaney, David Grant, Jeanette Beranger, and Karen McCalpin.

You can learn more about Krysta and her amazing film at her website: