Bruce Anderson and Nature’s View at Shimmeryn WOods, July 2019—Tom Crockett

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m just the photographer and a casual observer of what was a very intense and masterful clinic with horse trainer, Bruce Anderson, the creator of the Nature’s View approach to horse and human relationships, but I still found it impressive. With passionate intensity and a great sense of self-deprecating humor, Bruce took three women through a process of understanding why the horses they were working with were hitting behavioral walls, and what they could do about it. Each had a slightly different problem which perfectly reflected their own personal energetic approaches and challenges. If the participants shared something in common it was an honest desire to learn and to grow past their own stuckness.

Real growth, of course, can be a maddening and frustrating business. There is that part of you that wants to feel like your real work is behind you and that you’ve “got” this. The beauty of working with horses, especially the amazingly sensitive Spanish Colonial Mustangs, is that if some strategy is not working, it’s going to be painfully obvious. It takes a lot to remain in the crucible of the round pen as all your plans fall apart, but the pay-off, the successes, are worth it.

Bruce’s work is not for the faint-of-heart or for those looking to have whatever skills they’ve previously acquired validated with praise. This work is a hybrid of horse training and human training, but what it is absolutely not about is simply fixing horses. This is for people who have already done a lot of personal work and are unafraid to look deeper. I know that Kelly plans to bring Bruce back to Shimmeryn Woods for additional clinics so if you’re interested, let her know.

We had some fun captioning the photos from the day and Bruce loved them so I thought I would share.