Windhorse Path Horsemanship and Riding at Timberline Ranch is a "best kept secret" for the parents of young riders and adult riders looking to develop skills and build confidence in a safe and healthy setting.



Windhorse Path offers small group and individual lessons to youth and adult riders who are new to riding or looking to deepen a relationship with a horse or improve riding skills.

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Summer Camps

Windhorse Path Summer Day Camps at Timberline Ranch give youth intensive experience with training, riding and equine still building.

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Girl Scout Programs

Girls Scouts can earn their Junior Girl Scout Horseback Riding Badge at Timberline Ranch. They can also earn a Windhorse Path Colonial Spanish Horse Conservation Patch. Individual and troop sessions can be scheduled.

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Equine Youth Challenge

The Equine Youth Challenge is a program designed by Kelly Crockett to help youth with different challenges grow and build self confidence by working with horses. Scholarships provided by the Together We Can Foundation's Smart Transitions Initiative.

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Women's Empowerment Group

Kelly Crockett and Barbara Beach offer a course for women who want to work with horses as a tool for self-exploration. This is a non-riding class that uses experiential exercises to clarify the vision of the heart and harness the power of the soul.

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