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Windhorse Path Natural Horsemanship is an approach to building a better relationship with our horses by understanding how they think and behave and how they mirror our own fears, attitudes, expectations, and sense of empowerment.

My passion is in helping to refine the relationship between horse and human by focusing on the energetic dance between them. It isn't enough to simply bring awareness to our horses. We also need to bring awareness to ourselves. This work is for anyone wanting to develop or deepen a relationship with a horse, whether they go on to ride or not. It is also ideal for those looking to overcome a fear of horses.

I offer private and small group lessons for new and returning riders: youth or adults. In addition, I have approved programs for Girls Scouts, a program for at-risk youth (the Equine Youth Challenge Program), and an equine-centered women's group. My focus is an individualized approach to helping horse and human or horse and rider come into a deeper and more balanced relationship, with love and compassion, one breath at a time.

All photography provided by Tom Crockett

“Dedicated, skilled, knowledgeable, experienced - just a few words that come quickly to mind when seeking an Equine riding instructor. Whether you are a novice or an experienced rider wanting to enhance your riding technique and abilities, Kelly Crockett will bring all of these qualities, and more to your lessons. Under Kelly’s tutelage, you will receive the support and instruction required to meet your individual riding goals, as well as the insight and understanding needed to experience a deeper partnership with your horse. As someone who always loved horses but didn’t start riding until my late 50’s, I came to lessons with lots of fear and anxiety. Kelly’s lessons are a perfect blend of skilled riding techniques and assistance in understanding equine behavior that result in my ability to feel more confidence in the saddle. Kelly brings her love of horses and people of all ages to each lesson to ensure you have a safe and fulfilling experience as she helps you achieve your riding goals.”
— Barbara Beach, Transformational Life Coach

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For more information about the workshop: Click Here

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